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13 May 2024

12 May 2024

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  • curprev 19:1019:10, 12 May 2024Eric Lengyel talk contribs 740 bytes +740 Created page with "This is the errata page for the ''Projective Geometric Algebra Illuminated''. To find out which printing you have, look on the copyright page. == First Printing == * '''Page 84.''' In Table 2.16, both bulk duals of $$\mathbf e_4$$ should be 0. * '''Page 156.''' The number of multiply-adds required for transforming a line with a motor did not include the work needed to calculate $$\mathbf a$$, $$\mathbf b$$, and $$\mathbf c$$. Each cross product adds 6 multiply-adds, s..."